Телеграфный код ANARE

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Телеграфный код ANARE

Сообщение Polarstern » 18 Май 2020 00:17


Код использовавшийся австралийскими антарктическими экспедициями. Домашнее задание: раскодировать послание детишек.

History - Anare Telegraphic Code A.N.A.R.E. Telegraphic code The ANARE telegraphic code was used for communication between the

A.N.A.R.E. Telegraphic code

The ANARE telegraphic code was used for communication between the expeditioners on bases and Australia prior to email and internet. The five letter coded groups were based on military system of communications using morse code. The communications officers typed up the coded message on telex machines for sending. The code ceased to be used in the early 1990's when internet and file transfer protocols were developed.
Expeditioners were allocated an annual limit. In the early days this was around 160 five letter coded groups per year and increased to 400-500 five letter coded groups in later years. Many expeditioners modified the official codes to create personal phrases for family members, thus allowing a small amount of privacy in the message.

WUVNE Penguins have begun to arrive on the Island
WUVSY Sea Elephants have begun to arrive on the Island
WUYGD Sea Elephants are breeding
WUYIR Macaroni Penguin (s)
WUYLJ Sea Leopards
WUYMK Tussock Grass
WUYOS Fur Seals
WUYPA Skua Gulls
WUYSO Rockhopper Penguins
WUYUT Giant Petrels
WUYVY Gentoo Penguins
WUZER Weddell Seals


WYHHA Antarctic Continent
WYHJE Atlas Cove
WYHOL Buckles Bay
WYIBD Caroline Cove
WYIJL Garden Cove
WYILN Heard Island
WYICF Hurd Point
WYIRT Lusitania Bay
WYJAJ Macquarie Island
WYJEK Marion Island
WYKON Not so far from the camp
WYKEL Around the camp
WYKKA Wireless Hill


WYKLE Telegrams arriving regularly
WYKNO Have you received telegrams
WYKUP Message was just what I wanted many thanks
WYLAL Messages coming in fine
WYLEM Please address messages home or
WYLLA Keep smiling
WYLME My thoughts are with you
WYLOP Good show keep it up
WYLPO God bless you and keep you safe
WYMAM My thoughts and prayers are ever with you
WYMEM Love and best wishes for new year
WYMIP Are you all right worried about you
WYMMA Please don't worry
WYNAN Glad to hear you are better
WYNNA Hope you will soon be better
WYNPE Very happy in receipt good news
WYNRO I wish we were together on this special occasion all my best wishes for a speedy re-union
WYNUS With kind regards from
WYOHL Your loving family
WYSSA All my (our) love darling
WYSTE All my love to the family
WYSUX I think about you both all the time
WYSWO Love and kisses
WYTAT I (we) miss you more than I (we) can say, darling
WYTEV I love you darling
WYTOY I think about you all the time and hope you are getting along all right
WYTVE I think about you all the time
WYTYO Sends his (her) (their) love
WYUCH With love from
WYUFK With best love from
WYUHM We are all thinking about you
WYUJN Yours affectionately
WYUPT Your affectionate Uncle
WYZDO Your affectionate Aunt
WYUSY Your affectionate Brother
WYUTZ Your loving Daughter
WYUVB Your loving Father
WYUXD Your loving Mother
WYVAV Your loving Husband
WYVIX Your loving Son
WYVOZ Your loving Sister
WYVUB Your loving Wife
WYVVA Your loving Daddy
WYVWE Best love for our anniversary
WYVZO I can hardly wait for you to come back
WYWIZ I can hardly wait to get home again
WYWOB Best love for your birthday
WYWUC Best love for Christmas and the New Year
WYWYE Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
WYZAZ Happy Birthday
WYZBE Many Happy Returns of the day
WYZEB Thinking of you on
WYZIC Like it here but I miss your company
WYZOD I/we think about you a lot and wonder how you are getting on
WYZUF Was so glad to get your last telegram
WYZZA Please don't wait so long next time
YAACS Have not heard from you for what seems ages
YAADT Longing to hear from you again
YAAHY Longing to hear from you again darling
YAALC Hoping to hear from you shortly
YAAMD Hello and how are you darling
YAANF How are you darling
YAARJ Pleased to hear that
YAASK Your mother and I think about you a great deal
YAATL Do not have
YAAWN Do nothing
YABAR Do as you think best
YABIT What do they propose doing (re)
YABOT What have you done
YABRA What can be done to (re)
YABSE Doubtful if
YABVO Very encouraging
YABYX Make every endeavour to
YACAS Shall be endeavour to
YACET Owing to a misunderstanding
YACIV Telegram mutilated
YACSA Owing to the state of
YACTE What steps have you taken
YACUX Have (has) succeeded (in)
YACWO Have (has) not succeeded i (with)
YACZY Have you been successful (in)
YADAT Successful with (in)
YADEV Cannot understand why you
YADOY Strongly urge (s) you to
YADTA Strongly urge (s) you not to
YADUZ This is very urgent
YAGVE Do not wait (for)
YAHCO Is not to wait (for)
YAHEZ I am (we are) waiting
YIHIB All are safe and well
YAHOC Had a ding last night.....to celebrate
YAHUD Will be in plenty of time (to) (for)
YAHYA Will not be in time (to) (for)
YAHZE When the time comes
YAIBT If you have time (to)
YAIFY Should be plenty of time (to)
YAIGZ Will you be home by
YAIKD Expect to be home by
YAILF Hope to be able to
YAIRL Will you be able to
YAJAZ Absolutely necessary
YAJBE Shall we (I) make arrangements
YAJDO Made arrangements
YAJEB What is the cause of
YAJIC Is there any cause for
YAJOD Caused by
YAJUF Was caused by
YAJYG Their discretion
YAJZA Your discretion
YAKAB Is there any change in
YAKCE No change in
YAKEC According to circumstances
YAKFO Under what circumstances
YAKID What is the condition of
YAKOF In good condition
YAKUG What are the conditions of
YALAC Hearty congratulations
YALCA Do you consent to
YALDE If you consent to
YALED Careful consideration
YALGO Is under consideration will reply shortly
YALIF Not yet decided
YALOG Decided not to
YALUH Would there by any difficulty (in)
YALYJ Great difficulty
YAKYH May we use our (my) discretion
YAMDA Leave it to your discretion


YAMAD Broken arm
YAMEF Feel (ing) up to it
YAMFE Feeling very fit
YAMHO Has (have) had influenza
YAMIG Has (have) had cold (s) northing serious
YAMKY Has (have) had measles
YAMOH Father is very well
YAMUJ Has (have) not been feeling very well
YAMYK Father hasn't been very well
YANAF Is (are) very well and send (s) his (her) (their) love
YANEG Look after yourself
YANFA Staying in bed
YANGE Sprained ankle
YANJO Sprained wrist
YANLY Are all well at home (except)
YANOJ Hope (ing) you are well
YANUK Has (have) been a little off colour
YANUL I have put on a lot of weight
YAODY Losing weight
YAOJD Mother is very well
YAOLG Mother hasn't been very well
YAONJ Not as well as could be expected
YAOPK Much better than we expected
YAORM Getting along fine
YAOWR Condition causing anxiety. Will let you know later
YAOZT Grandfather is very well
YAPAG Grandmother is very well
YAPGA Grandfather hasn't been very well
YAPHE Grandmother hasn't been very well
YAPHO Nothing to worry about
YAPIJ Is (are) doing fine
YAPKO Concerned about his (her) (their) health
YAPMY Never felt better in my life
YAPOK All at home are well
YAVUR Broken ankle
YAPUL Have had minor frostbite
YARAJ Have met with an accident
YAREK How long will accident delay you
YARIL Is the accident serious
YARJA Injury is not serious
YARKE Accident was caused by
YAYSO Have consulted doctor about
YAYUT Doctor report is good
YAYVY Am entering hospital (for) (on)
YAZER Is (are) receiving treatment for
YAZTO Children are all well


YARMO It has been sleeting
YARPY Had a hurricane which
YASAK Brilliant aurora
YASEL We've just had a blizzard
YASKA It has been very cold
YASLE It has been ususually warm
YASNO It has been raining
YASON We are having a blizzard
YASUP It has been snowing (for the past)
YATAL We've been having heavy fogs
YATEM Handicapped by bad weather
YATLA Weather has been good enough
YATME The weather has been quite decent for a change
YATOP The weather has been very bad for the past
YATPO The weather has been so bad that
YATRY Wind velocity (ies) has/have reached
YAUCY Weather too bad for
YAUDZ In bad weather
YAURN Snow is drifting through the station
YAUSP Deep snow drifts have accumulated in the lee of huts
YAUXT The temperature has been
YAUJF The sea is beginning to freeze
YAUHD in moderately good weather
YAYIR Fine snow has penetrated through small crevices in the huts
YATYR Aurora lights up the sky at night


YIGIK All your friends ask me to send their regards and best wishes
YIGJE Best wishes from all here
YIGLO Apart from what I've said, things are going quietly and there isn't much news
YIGNY Best wishes from
YIGOL Do not know whether
YIGUM I have grown a beard which is awful
YIGYN I am not sure whether (to)
YIHEK Think I (we) ought
YIHKE I have grown a beard which is generally admired
YIHMO I have grown a beard but think I'll shave it off before I get back to Australia
YIHPY Hello and how are you
YIHTA Do you think I (we) ought to
YIHYP How are you
YIJLE I am worried about
YIJNO I have grown a beard
YIKAL Rather fed up at having to stick around the camp
YIKEM Regards to all the boys and girls. See you when I get back
YIKLA This is the life
YIKME Looking forward to
YIKOP Looking forward to seeing you (in)
YIKPO This place gives you a pain at times
YIKYR This place gives you a pain at times but its worth it
YILAM Would be glad of information concerning
YILEN Have been practising ski-ing
YILIP Think you ought to
YILMA Arrived safely. Love to all
YILNE Have been out on ski
YILUR Arrived safely darling


YILYS Will be trying contact amateur radio station VK.....following times frequencies
YIMAN Radio Australia
YIMEP Radio blackout (owing to)
YIMOR Radio reception has been very bad
YIMNA Radio reception has been very good
YIMUS To Mary Adams Radio Australia, glad to hear from you about
YIMYT To Mary Admas Radio Australia, thanks your broadcast
YIONS To Mary Adams Radio Australia, following recording desired
YIOSY To Mary Adams Radio Australia, reception difficult but received part of broadcast
YIPTO To Mary Adams Radio Australia, recording came through very well. Very many thanks.
YIPUT To Mary Adams Radio Australia, could not hear you owing to bad radio conditions last friday
YIWIZ Hearing your voice on the wireless gave me a wonderful thrill
YIOPY Station 3AW, 382 Latrobe Street, Melbourne - Midnight session
YIWIB Hope to broadcast greetings from A.B.C. listen


YIMPE Seems a long while since
YIMRO I have been wondering about
YINAP The food is first rate and I've put on some weight
YINIR What do you think i(we) ought to do
YINOS Sorry to hear that
YINPA Glad to hear
YINSO Wish you'd communicate more often. Suggest short messages send frequently
YINUJ Pleased to hear of your safe arrival
YINYV Leaving camp for ashort while don't worry
YIOCH Glad to hear you are happy and well
YIOFH Anxious to know about (weather)
YIOHM Just returned from a trip down the island
YIOJM Remember me to
YIOJN Please remember me to
YIOPT Delighted to get your message
YIOVB Congratulations on the birth of
YIOXD Very sorry to hear that
YIPIR Will you please ask/tell
YIPRE Love and best wishes for mother's day
YIRAS Very sorry to hear about the death of
YIRET Wish I could have been there
YIRIV Hope to be able to be there
YIRSA Should be able to be there alright
YIRTE Am okay. Don't worry
YIRUX Am rather tired but otherwise first-rate
YIRWO Please try to arrange (for)
YIRZY Only hope that
YISAT We have just had
YISEV All at home are well and send their love
YISOR Au Revoir
YISTA Fondest love
YISUZ No sun now should re-appear in 8 days
YISVE Saw sun first time today, am now very busy
YISYO Mid-winter party was a great success
YITAV Days are getting longer, all going flat out preparing for
YITIX Time seems to be only thing we're short of
YITOZ Very busy preparing gear for spring work including training dogs
YITUB I am not sure whether men training dogs or dogs training men
YITVA Would you please pack carefully and send following by ship
YITWE Please contact Antarctic Head Office for information about
YITZO Please send me by relief ship.....Kodachromes
YIUGM Please send me by relief ship.....Black & White films
YIUHN Received all mail and films. Thank you
YIUJP Saw films on projector. All are good except
YIUMS Am saving money and doing ok financially
YIURY I am having a struggle financially
YIVBO How are the children
YIVIZ Give my love to the children
YIVOB We have just had a radio blackout lasting several days
YIVUC Days are short in the antarctic at present, the sun appering above the horizon for no more than three hours
YIVWA My love and greetings on fathers day
YIVYE Hospitality of people here wonderful
YOCKE Thank you for your telegram received (on)
YODAK Waiting arrival of
YODEL Going on holidays (to) (on)
YODKA School holidays commence (on)
YODLE Sits for examination (on)
YODNO Successful in examination
YODON School report good
YODUP Passed all subjects
YOECK Please send flowers value (of) (to)
YOEGN Please purchase present (for)
YOELS Please cable details of
YOEMT Am posting by registered mail
YOENV I will require.....in cash
YOERZ Have received mail on ship
YOEVD Looking forward to receipt of mail
YOEWF Please telephone (on)
YOFAL Will be telephoning (on)
YOFEM Agree with your suggestion (about)
YOFLA (is) (are) being held up by
YOFME Is (are) making good progress
YOFOP (has) have sold (for)
YOFYR (has) have purchased (for)
YOGAM (has) have had offer (for)
YOGEN How are you managing financially
YOGIP Please send details of bank account
YOGMA Awaiting your decision (re)
YOIRB Am considering purchasing (for)
YOJAP Have changed address (to)
YOJIR Please make enquiries (about)
YOJOS Please obtain price for
YOJPA Please contact regarding
YOJSO Would like to have news of
YOJUT Please book accommodation (at) (for)
YOJYV Please book seats (on)
YOKER Will you be able to meet me (at) (on)
YOKRE Will meet you (in)
YOKTO Will be unable to meet you
YOKUV Can you provide further details (of)
YOKWY Your message not understood
YOLAR Following car repairs necessary
YOLIT Car performing well
YOLOV Have been unable to locate
YOLRA Could you please advise whereabouts (of)
YOLSE Please cable address (of)
YOLVO Will be returning (on) (by)
YOLYX Would like information about
YOMAS I was not serious when I referred to
YOMWO Be sure not to mention this to
YONAT Can afford longer messages
YONEV Up to the present time
YONOY From now on
YONTA I have a thousand questions to ask
YONUZ It wont be long now
YONVE Would you please pass this message to
YONYO On arrival I shall need
YOOHR Did you receive my message about


YIWOC I am setting out on a man-hauling sledge journey to
YIWUD I am setting out on a dog-sledge journey to
YIWYA Rumdoodle - airstrip and camping ground about 13 miles from Mawson
YIZAB I am setting out on a tractor journey to
YIZCE I am setting out on a flight to
YIZEC I have just returned from
YIZFO I have been for a walk on the sea-ice to
YIZHY King Edward VIII Gulf 155 miles west of Mawson
YIZID Moore Pyramid - a mt in Prince Charles Mountains
YIZOF Taylor Glacier and emperor penguin rookery 52 miles west of Mawson
YIZUG I am setting out on
YIZYH Fold Island and emperor penguin rookery 94 miles west of Mawson
YOAGM Adelie penguin rookeries on islets near Mawson
YOAHN Auroral station at Taylor - 60 miles west of Mawson
YOAJP Mt Henderson - 10 miles south of Mawson
YOAMS GWAMM - Airfield 1 mile south of Mawson
YOANT Framnes Mountains (the Masson, David and Casey Ranges) southwest of Mawson
YOARY The Larsemann Hills - 60 miles south of Vestfold Hills
YOASZ The Rauer Islands about 8 miles south of Davis
YOBAH Prince Charles Mountains - about 200 miles south of Mawson
YOBIK Mirny - the Russian station about 400 miles east of Davis
YOBLO Beaver Lake - 200 miles s e of Mawson
YOBOL Mt Menzies - 380 miles s of Mawson
YOCAJ Auster emperor penguin rookery - 35 miles east of Mawson
YOCEK Kloa emperor penguin rookery 35 miles east of Mawson
YOCIL Amanda emperor penguin rookery 55 miles s w of Davis
YOCJA Amery ice shelf - 250 miles east of Mawson
YOGNE Vanderford Glacier - 15 miles s of Casey
YOGSY G1 glaciological station on Amery Ice Shelf
YOGUR G2 - about 40 miles ssw of G1
YOHAN G3 - about 90 miles ssw of G1
YOHEP Cape Folger - about 9 miles nne of Casey


YOHNA My message is contained in following quotation
YOHOR See Oxford dictionary of quotations
YOHPE See Oxford dictionary quotations indexed as beginning
YOHRO See Shakespeare play: initials, act, scene, line follow
YOHTY See Bible quotation: abbreviated name of book with chapter and verse follow
YOHUS Have recently been reading these books
YOIKS Thinking of you especially when reading following book and chapter (code word followed by name of book and number of chapter)
YOILT Our Positon is Latitude...deg...mins Longitude...deg...mins.(code word followed by one four figure group for degrees and minutes of latitude; then one five figure group - commencing with 0 if necessary - for longitude).
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